Renovating a bathroom from scratch can be a daunting task. There is a lot to consider: how to make best use of the space; what kinds of fixtures and fittings to choose; whether or not to add a bath and a shower; getting the right lighting and mirror combinations; making sure there’s enough practical storage for lotions, potions and towels… and so on.

So it’s easy to see how thinking about bathroom flooring ideas could be overlooked.

1. L’On Residence


This light wooden floor is the perfect complement to the light and airy bathroom design.

2. London


Distressed and weathered wooden floors work great in this family-friendly space.

3. Victorian


Painted hardwood flooring here adds to the eclectic mix of modern and classic décor.

4. Carpenteria


A beautifully set dark wood floor, with matching vanities, adds extra luxury to this amazing bathroom.

5. Trees on the Roof

trees on the roofSource:

Wooden decking slats with underfloor drainage are a clever choice of flooring for a wet room/ shower room.

6. Grove House

grove houseSource:

Elegance personified with this lightly veined marble floor tile and delicate classical chrome fittings.

7. Mount Larson


Bolder, darker veined marble is a gorgeous complement to the modern bath, sinks and vanity units here.

8. Kaimupulehu


Quartzite tiles, derived from sandstone, in warm tans help create this ultra-relaxing indoor/ outdoor bathroom.

9. Flagstones


The flagstone tiles here – which echo ones you might find on a patio – add to the delightful quirky mix of modern and retro furnishings.

10. Lum Rustic

lum rusticSource:

Dark gray slate tiling is the perfect match for this urban, industrial, utilitarian bathroom floor.

11. Putney


Charming pebble mosaic covers both the floor and the walls in this comfortable bathroom.

12. Boise


Rectangular brick style mosaic tiles here are also reflected in the wood paneling on the wall and vanity.

13. Small Powder Room

small powder roomSource:

This gorgeous custom-made mosaic matches the stained glass window to create lovely detail in this small but perfect powder room.

14. Queen’s Park

queens parkSource:

A dramatically effective bold geometric monochrome mosaic tile pattern.

15. Hexagon Mosaic

hexagon mosaicSource:

The hexagon mosaic tiles here are perfectly suited to this quirky bathroom style.

16. Hoxton


Brilliant contemporary bathroom meets traditional patchwork encaustic tiles – love it!

17. Bedford


Here reclaimed encaustic tiles are paired with distressed furnishings and claw foot bath for a relaxed, comfortable feel.

18. Vaucluse


A beautiful classic floral geometric pattern is the perfect backdrop to this sleek white bathroom.

19. Modern Moroccan

modern moroccanSource:

A stunning Moroccan inspired encaustic tile design used to great effect here on the walls and floors.

20. Bluff House

bluff houseSource:

A very slick monochrome, modern encaustic tile pattern provides focus in this minimalist bathroom.

21. Cook


A highly polished cement floor is a glossy background for this simple bathroom.

22. Garden House

garden houseSource:

Lovely mottled stained effect on this cement floor gives added interest.

23. Lotus on Orange

lotus on orangeSource:

This large expanse of gray cement floor is softened with exotic plants and floating light wood vanity units.

24. Matt cement

matt cementSource:

This matt gray concrete floor somehow cleverly ties together the different elements of this retro/ modern/ urban space.

25. Chavetta


Not for the faint of heart, the concrete floor of this wet room/ bathroom has been painted a super bold red along with the walls for a truly unique look.

26. Sandy Down

sandy downSource:

This marmoleum floor offers the poured concrete look but with much more comfort and warmth.

27. McCall


Glossy black rubber floor is an excellent choice for a family bathroom that gets lots of traffic and lots of splashing!

28. Olympus


This mottled mosaic patterned vinyl floor is both pretty on the eye and pretty practical too.

29. Port Locksleigh

port locksleighSource:

The stunningly simple, yet effective circular pattern on this vinyl floor is the prefect march to the circular accents in the room.

30. Mount View

mount view


This brilliantly powder room has tons of character, highlighted by the brilliant checkerboard linoleum floor!