31 Inspiring Attic Bedroom Ideas and Designs

Working with attic bedroom designs can require more effort. Unlike other bedrooms, this space usually has an unconventional shape. Some are small. Others have low ceilings to contend with. In any case, the image gallery contains a lot of useful design ideas including modern, rustic, traditional, contemporary, and minimalist styles.

Plenty of light shine into this attic master bedroom. It is decorated in a beautiful stylish design. The walls are intentionally not finished to give the room a vintage feel. The color theme is blue, white, and grey. The rug is stitched together with various shades of blue. The A frame ceiling is highlighted by the modern chandelier.

rustic wooden bedroom in the attic

Country style bedroom in the attic is made with all wood. The ceiling and floor have the same matching type of wood and color. Even the chairs and table are made out of wood.

beige attic room with skylights

Here’s one of the more interesting attic bedroom designs. The all beige space has pine wood floors and a cozy nook for the bed. Three skylights fill the room with light. There is also a small sofa, dresser, and a coffee table.

low ceiling attic bedroom ideas with sky lights

The above picture shows a white low ceiling attic bedroom. Since there is not a lot of vertical space, the box spring is replaced with a flat board and thin mattress sits on top. The side tables are short as well to match the height of the bedding area. A nice painting of a waterfall adds much needed color to the room.

colorful and bright bedroom in the attic

This bedroom attic is a bright mix of pastel colors. The light green and blues wall decor pairs well with the light gray rug, bedding, and chairs. The skylight on the side provides light against the closet doors with frosted clear glass.

elegant attic room with white and gold accents

Elegant touches highlight this white room. The walls are filled with floral gold pattern. The slanted wall features dual sky lights. It also contains built in space for decor such as the orange vase. The space is small but tastefully decorated.

small bedroom in attic with vaulted ceiling and recessed lighting

Sleek and contemporary is the best way to describe this small attic bedroom. The vaulted ceiling makes the room feel bigger than it really is. The recessed lights in addition to the purple and pink colors give a energetic vibe. The furniture is simple and modern. The three skylights further illuminate the room.

southwestern style attic loft with wooden A frame ceiling and matching wooden floors

Pictured in the above photo is a southwestern style attic loft. The open space makes the tight quarters feel more roomy. The steel and wire railing allows views of the lower level. The A frame wooden ceiling and matching hardwood floors gives a comfortable ambiance.

attic bedroom with white decor

Here we have one of the minimalist attic bedrooms on display. There is little furniture to clutter the small area. The color decor is white with a touch of grey. Everything is bright including the white walls, light colored wood floor, and windows.

white and light green small bedroom in the attic

Here’s a great example of how to decorate an attic bedroom. Green, white, and dark brown is a classic color pairing. There isn’t one particular color this is dominant. Thus, the decor is very balanced. The room is well organized and clean. Lots of light fill the room through the three windows.


Here is a simple Eco-friendly design. All the walls and ceiling are a clean white.  One side is made from brick while the other two is traditional dry wall. The floor, bed frame, ceiling frame, and window frames are all light pine wood. The bed frame in particular is interesting. It is made from wood pallets. There are plenty of windows to let light in.


The attic bedroom remodel is well done. The decor is basic modern. The ceiling and walls are white. There are dark grey exposed ceiling beams that really stands out. Several windows have been added to add brightness to the room. While red accents on the bed frame, pillows, rug, and dresser cabinet add a nice color contrast.


This small bedroom in the attic has enough space for a single bed, desk, chair and cabinet. Decorations are kept at a minimum here. The colors are neutral tones to give a more home like comfort. Skylights provides natural lighting to the space.


Pink as a paint idea says it all. This girls bedroom in the attic has sloped ceiling with two sky lights. Cedar wood floors complement the white rocking chair, desk, and shaggy rug.


Here’s one of the nicest ideas for attic bedrooms. It has elements of nature all over the decor. There is a cowhide rug on the side of the bed. The ceiling is a dark mahogany wood. A small green plant is on the side table.


Say hello to this modern and fashionable bedroom. Most components of this room is white including the walls, floors, ceiling, and lighting. The couch, cabinet, coffee table, and ceiling beams are dark black. The bed frame also doubles as cabinets and is a great storage idea.


Small spaces like this one works with less clutter. This attic room has grey walls, a large window, white cabinet, and a designer chandelier. The rug beneath the bed is light blue and yellow just like the bedding. A small table and lamp are placed on both sides of the bed.


Who doesn’t love nature? Why not bring the rustic outside indoors? This place is all about bringing wood into the bedroom. The floors are light colored pine wood. The columns, mirror frame, table, and ceiling beams are also made from wood. The white of the walls, ceiling, bed frame, and large vase adds to the clean natural vibe.


The above attic bedroom conversion was easily put together. Some windows were added to allow the sun to shine in. Built-in wall cabinets on both sides were created for more storage. The rest is just simple decor ideas such as purple curtains and flower bed set to add color to the room.


Creativity is key when there is not a lot of room to work with. This beautiful space has enough just for a bed. The circular window has great views of the water. The A frame ceiling with exposed beams is a visual delight.


Another example of clean and bright attic bedroom. The all white walls is sharply contrasted by the cobalt blue shag rug. The furniture has a natural light color finish. Fluorescent lights are attached to the wooden ceiling beams.


The attic’s sloping roof contains two large sky light windows. All the lights are soft and indirect. The colors in the room are white, beige, and light brown. Open space makes for a relaxing setting.


Don’t you wish your son’s bedroom was this clean? This small space has just enough furniture without cluttering the room. The light blue, green, and brown colors fits well with ocean theme.


The furniture in the room is sparse. The darker colors of purple, grey, and brown is balanced by the light fro the windows and bright white walls. The bedding is two tone to give the room more charm.


Bright and modern is the way to go sometimes. This bedroom in the attic has a blue curtains and bed sheets. The walls are mostly white except for one side that is dark blue. Hardwood floors keep the design clean.


There isn’t much space in this attic bedroom. However, the decor has some romantic touches. The half circle window sits above a single bed with silk netting on top. The white wood floors are accented by the swirl pattern wallpaper. Small plants give the room some added color.


Slanted walls can be quite a challenge for attic bedroom interior design. It takes away space and makes the room much smaller. This room minimizes the amount of furniture by having just a bed, two small lamp desks, and bedside bench. Having lighter color furniture helps to create the appearance of a bigger room.


Here’s a pink theme attic girl’s room. The room is light pink. The furniture, bedding, and rug have accents of pink. For a smaller space, it’s better to keep things simple.


This white attic bedroom is spacious and neat. The walls, ceiling, and bed frame are white. Meanwhile, the floor is dark brown. Yellow bedspread and chairs complements the room perfectly.


Here we have an attic room that has modern flair. The curtains are blue and dark green with a feather design. The bed is contemporary flat style. The slanted ceiling had painted artwork to spice up the room.


Getting an attic bedroom right can be tricky. Most of the time, there are weird angles to deal with. This particular example is a simple white room with various shades of pink. There are a couple of designer chairs and a small table near the window.