30+ Amazing Garden Structure Design Ideas

When most people think of gardens and gardening, they think of plants. However, there are many other things to consider when creating a garden, especially an ornamental garden. Structures and their placement in the garden is one such issue to think about. Garden structures are one of the components that turn a garden into an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Although space restrictions can limit what structures you can actually fit into your garden, many structures can be tailored to fit gardens of any size. Structures can serve various purposes in your garden from creating a defined outdoor living space, to acting as a gateway from one garden area to another, or acting as a support for plants.

It can be challenging to find the right combination of garden structures that not only provide shade, storage, and protection but also enhance your landscape. Fortunately, there are some wonderful options that can quickly solve this dilemma and transform your backyard into a stunning outdoor living space you’ll love.

Garden Pods

Garden Pods Ideas
Image Source: ultimategardenpods.co.uk
Garden Pods Ideas 2
Image Source: diygarden.co.uk

If you’re not familiar with garden pods, you can be forgiven. They’re a relatively new development in the world of garden structure ideas, and they come in a dazzling range of styles and designs. Essentially, a garden pod is an enclosed or semi-enclosed “room” that sits in your garden area, on a patio or next to a pergola or gazebo. They can be many different shapes and sizes, from small cubes to large rectangles. There are even spherical garden pods available for those who want a touch of the unusual.

Pods can provide posh seating for a small group, complete with plush seats and a table, or they can provide almost all the benefits of a full home. More expensive pods may have closing doors and windows, a sealed roof, and four full walls. Depending on where you source your pod, you can have it outfitted with built-in features like desks, corner windows, lighting and more.

As a note, these garden structure ideas can be very expensive, costing tens of thousands of pounds in some cases, so they’re definitely not for everyone. If your budget can’t take that sort of hit, but you still want at least a semi-private area in your garden, consider a curtained pergola instead.


Garden Structures Gazebos
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garden structure gazebo
Image Source: robertdyas-static.co.uk
garden structure gazebo
Image Source: gardensite.co.uk

Gazebos allow you to create a covered area away from your home. They can be small or large, plain or elaborate, but all of them allow you to do more with your garden area. In essence, a gazebo is nothing more than a roof with multiple supports (usually eight).

You’ll find quite a few premade options on the market, many of which combine a fabric or plasticised roof with metal uprights for support (and an underlying metal frame for the roof). Other options are much more elaborate, and are made from wood with shingled roofs. Most gazebos are octagonal in shape, as well.

Many of the more expensive options include a raised floor of wood, but this isn’t true for all of your options. Some of the simpler gazebo styles use your lawn as the floor. Because of that, you might want to use caution when erecting a gazebo. Will you use it enough that the soil becomes compacted and the grass dies? It may be a better option to install a gazebo with a brick or stone floor, or build one with a raised wooden floor.

Using a gazebo allows you to do anything you might like outside in the garden, without worries about the heat of direct sunlight or the threat of rain. They’re ideal for cooking out, but you can also add chairs to create an outdoor seating area. If you have a solid wood or metal structure above, supporting the roof, you can even hang a swing where you can relax with friends, family or just on your own.

When considering these garden structure ideas, you’ll need to think about the size of your yard, as this will impact the size of the gazebo. A large gazebo in a small open space will dwarf the yard, while a small gazebo in a large open area will be overwhelmed. Of course, your budget is also a consideration. The good news is that there’s an option available for just about any budget.


Garden Structures - Pergolas
Image Source: bylerbarns.com
garden structures - pergolas
Image Source: stevenwardhair.com

It can be easy to confuse pergolas with gazebos, even though they’re not all that similar. Where a gazebo is usually octagonal or round, a pergola is generally rectangular or square. Where a gazebo has a solid, domed roof, pergolas generally have a flat, open or latticed roof (ideal for covering with vining plants). Where gazebos generally have eight upright supports, pergolas usually have four, although this is not a firm rule.

Pergolas are sometimes less formal than gazebos, but that’s also just a generalisation. You can add any number of elements to these garden structures to create the atmosphere and environment that you want, ranging from stone surrounds on the uprights to outdoor curtains to provide shade and a sense of seclusion.

If you’re interested in adding a pergola to your garden, you’ll first want to think about the size you’ll need. These structures can be small or large, and can host groups ranging from small family gatherings to larger events, although they are not as spacious as pavilions (which are ideal for large outdoor events). As with gazebos, the size of your outdoor space will influence the size of the pergola.

You’ll also want to consider construction materials. Is wood the right choice? Would a mix of wood and stone or wood, stone and metal better reflect your overall sense of aesthetics? Your usage needs will also play a role. Do you want to build a pergola over an outdoor kitchen? If so, you’ll need room not only for food prep and cooking, but also for seating and eating.


Garden Structures - Arbor
Image Source: flickr.com
Garden structures - Arbor with vines 002
Image Source: bhg.com
Garden structures - Arbor with vines 03
Image Source: pinterest.com/babble

An arbor is an open structure often built under trees. They are created to provide an enjoyable and shaded seating in nice weather. It can also be used as a divider in the garden or as a garden entrance. It may be free-standing or attached to another building or structure in the garden. It is often covered with vines.


garden structures - patio
Image Source: woohome.com
garden structures - patio
Image Source: prettyhandygirl.com

A patio is an outdoor living area typically attached to the home. The word patio is of Spanish origin and means, backyard or back garden.

Lovely Lattice Garden Structure

Lovely Lattice Garden Structure
Image Source: bhg.com

A swing surrounded by a lattice arbor says “summer relaxation” like nothing else. The airy structure visually anchors the deck. Lattice on top of an outdoor garden structure provides a great place to hang baskets of shade-loving plants, such as the ferns shown here.


Garden Structures - Green house
Image Source: bylerbarns.com
Garden Structures - Greenhouse
Image Source: wellsgreenhouses.ca
Garden Structures - Greenhouse
Image Source: shopify.com

There’s no denying the utility of greenhouses, but they can also be beautiful additions to your yard, depending on the style and design that you choose. Of course, a greenhouse is about more than just adding visual appeal to your outdoor space. It will allow you to extend your growing season considerably, possibly even through the winter depending on your climate, and whether you invest in heating for your plants during the coldest parts of the year.

Greenhouses can range from small to massive, and can be cobbled together from scrap materials and built on your own, or can be purchased in kit form, or constructed by a professional. Perhaps the simplest option is a greenhouse made from PVC piping and plastic sheeting. This is also the most affordable, although probably the least aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to the overall design and materials used to construct the greenhouse, you’ll need to consider the interior. Will you be planting directly in the ground? Will you be using tables and containers? What about lighting and ventilation? Will you want heat during the winter to help you grow year-round? These are just a few of the questions you’ll need to answer before investing in a greenhouse, but no matter what you decide, these can be outstanding garden structure ideas.


Garden Structures - Arche
Image Source: diygarden.co.uk
Garden Structures - Arche
Image Source: forestgarden.co.uk

If you’re looking for garden structure ideas, let me recommend the use of arches. They can be large or small, bold or subdued, wood or metal (and other materials). They can be used in many different ways within your garden, as well.

An arch makes an excellent addition to the entryway to your garden, particularly if you have a more formal garden. However, they can also be used in less formal situations. Combine an arch with hedgerows or willow fencing for an elegant design, or go with wrought iron and climbing vines for something with a Victorian-esque feel.

You can even go international if you like. You can buy (or build) arches that reflect Asian themes, or that connect to the UK’s history and heritage. Add climbing and flowering vines to your arch in order to get a more natural feel, or leave it freestanding if you prefer.

You’re also not limited to the conventional “arched” shape, either. You’ll find rectangular designs in archways, as well as circular options, ovals and many more. Really, the sky’s the limit in terms of design and even use within your garden. They can also be combined with other garden structures, including pergolas and gazebos, to create a truly unique setting in your yard.


garden Structures - Hammocks
Image Source: diygarden.co.uk
garden structures - Hammocks
Image Source: lushome.com

There’s nothing quite like swaying in a hammock while relaxing with a good book or a beverage, while the sun shines down and the breeze cools you. Not only are hammocks ideal for relaxation, but they can make eye-catching garden structure ideas. There’s a wealth of options out there, ranging from metal and wood framed hammocks that can accommodate one or two people, to attaching hammocks to the uprights of a pergola.

When you’re not using the hammocks, the pergola can be used for other things, including group seating during parties or events. If you really want to draw the eye, add a patio or deck beneath your hammock with a stylish roof overhead.


Garden structure - spa
Image Source: flickr.com
Garden structure - spa
Image Source: gardenspabataima.blogspot.com
Garden structure - spa
Image Source: pinterest.com

A spa can consist of just a hot tub placed in your back yard for relaxation and enjoyment, or it can contain the whole spa experience. It can be enclosed, covered, or open to the stars. Check out the at home spa guide if you want to incorporate more into your spa experience.


Garden Structures - Terrace
Image Source: flickr.com
Garden Structures - Terrace 2
Image Source: flickr.com

A terrace is a patio area that is attached to the house. It is typically raised above ground level and generally does not have a roof. (This is not addressing the issue of a sloped area that requires terracing for use and erosion prevention.)

Living Teepees

garden Structures - Living Teepees
Image Source: thewillowbank.com
Garden Structures - Living Teepees
Image Source: pinterest.com/rediscoveredf/

Whether you’re interested in using them to grow vining vegetables like cucumbers or pole beans, or you’re trying to add a bit of fun and whimsy to a children’s garden, living teepees are excellent garden structure ideas. They can cost very little, and can provide some pretty substantial benefits.

Really, these are nothing more than teepees made from bamboo (or a long-lasting hardwood). If you have bamboo growing at your home, you can harvest it, or you can buy it from a DIY store if you prefer. You’ll need several uprights, but the exact number (and length) will depend on how large you want the teepee to be, as well as how open the design is.

Start by roughing out where you’ll want the teepee. Put the bamboo poles together (bind the top loosely with twine if necessary) and then mark where each upright will sit. You can do this with a stone, a pile of sand, or by scoring the earth. Make sure you leave room for a doorway/entrance.

To ensure that the teepee is as stable as possible, you’ll need to dig a hole for each of the uprights. Put the pole in place, leaned to the appropriate angle, and then add rocks or soil to support it. Continue doing this until all the poles are in the ground. Now, you’ll need to connect them. Again, twine can work, but you might want to use something that will weather better (metal wire can work).

If you want a completely enclosed teepee (other than the doorway), you’ll need to interweave other sticks or branches horizontally between the vertical uprights. Then, choose what sort of vine you’ll grow. You have many options, from vegetables like cucumbers to gourds to flowering vines. Plant the seeds at the base of the uprights and water them in, then keep them watered as they grow. Eventually, the vines will climb the teepee, creating a secluded hideaway for your little ones, or an interesting structure for your yard.


garden structures - trellis
Image Source: flickr.com
Garden Structures - Trellis 02
Image Source: bhg.com
Garden Structures - Trellis 03
Image Source: hative.com

A trellis is a framework of wooden, bamboo, and/or metal strips or bars, often woven, welded, or tied together to support climbing plants.


garden structure - pavilion
Image Source: flickr.com

A pavilion is a temporary or semi-permanent structure used in gardens. A pavilion is typically a large and airy garden room with a high peaked roof similar to a large canopy.


garden stuctures - obelisk 02
Image Source: crocdn.co.uk
garden stuctures - obelisk 03
Image Source: lumberjocks.com
garden stuctures - obelisk
Image Source: empressofdirt.net

An obelisk is a four-sided tapering structure that can be used to support climbing plants and vines. Plans are available to build an Obelisk. Most obelisks are solid structures such as the one pictured below.

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30+ Clever Laundry Room Ideas That Are Practical and Space-Efficient

1. 60 Small Laundry Room Designs

This website offers around 60 different laundry room layouts. It is great because whether your laundry room is in a closet or actually has its own room, there is a design on this site for it.

Plus, she shows how to design these small spaces to make them an enjoyable place to be. If my laundry room looked this good, I’d probably never leave.

Laundry room ideas

2. The Slanted Storage

I never have a good place to store my laundry baskets. Truthfully, I have a large pull out drawer under my bed that I hide my baskets in.

But thanks to this idea, you can easily have a space for your laundry baskets. They will be easily stored and easily accessible as well.

Laundry room ideas

3. Laundry Room Storage Peg Wall

This peg wall is a great way to organize all of the things that often clutter a laundry room. For instance, you could hang your broom and mop on this well.

Plus, you can add a nice little basket to store your clothes pins and other odds and ends items that find their way to the laundry room.

Laundry room ideas

4. The Washer Notes

This is a really neat idea that anyone can do. If you have a special care item in the wash that you don’t want to forget about, then you simply use a dry erase marker to write a reminder on the top of the machine.

Plus, you can actually purchase markers that have magnetic lids so they’ll stick directly to your washing machine. Pretty neat idea, huh?

Laundry room ideas

5. The Hanging Dryer

This laundry room layout is so cool, in my opinion. You have your washer on the floor and counter space for folding your clothes.

Plus, you have a nice laundry sink as well. Then you have this awesome little dryer that hangs above the washer so it doesn’t take up any extra space.

Laundry room ideas

6. The Pull-Out Drying Rack

Do you like to have a place to hang some of your clothes to dry? I know I have a few items that I prefer not to pop in the dryer if I can help it.

Well, with this neat pull out drawer you may be able to have a drying rack in a smaller laundry room and not have it take up much space.

Laundry room ideas

7. The Cat Hole

This idea is for all cat lovers out there. It would work in any room, but I store my litterbox in our laundry room. I have a couple of indoor cats that I love dearly, and I know they’d love if I added this to our home.

So you just cut a hole in the door, and you can even add brushing attachments so they feel like they are being rubbed/brushed as they go through the door.

Laundry room ideas

8. The Hidden Drawers

If you’d like to have a hidden storage space in your laundry room, then why not match the drawers to your cabinets?

Then you can put your clothes baskets in these drawers, or any other item that you don’t want cluttering your laundry room.

Laundry room ideas

9. Wall Mounted Lint Bin

I love this idea. I always have lint coming from my dryer, but I never have a convenient location to discard it.

So whether you are in a small laundry room and need a spot for lint that won’t take up space, or if you are someone that needs a place to store lint to compost. This could be a great option for you.

Laundry room ideas

10. Laundry Room Sign

This is another great design idea that I absolutely love. I think this little sign gives your laundry room a little something special.

But I also love that once this room is labeled no one has any more excuse to not put their clothes there or to help you when needed. The room has a sign so you know where it is!

Laundry room ideas

11. The Hidden Ironing Board

My current laundry room is pretty small. When I was redesigning it I had to come up with lots of ways to maximize space.

But storing my ironing board was quite the hassle until I hung it on the wall. This idea of storing your ironing board on the wall will give you even more space.

Laundry room ideas

12. Laundry Stickers

Even your laundry room should have some personality to it. Which is why I love these stickers that can be easily applied to your walls.

So the next time you enter your laundry room and see this sticker, hopefully it will give you a little chuckle while you go about your chores.

Laundry room ideas

13. Hanger Storage

Having a good place to store empty hangers is never an easy problem to solve. You always need them when doing laundry, but then they are always in the way any other time.

But with this neat little bar to hang under your cabinets, you will have a handy place to store hangers until you need them.

Laundry room ideas

14. The Compact Laundry Room

I really like this laundry room layout. My preference is to have a top loader washer, but you lose folding and hanging space in compact laundry rooms when you have a top loader.

But with this layout, you can have storage over your washer and dryer. As well as have a nice space to hang clothes as they come out of the dryer.

Laundry room ideas

15. Hanging Laundry Bags

These laundry bags are very becoming and also a great way to keep all of your laundries easily organized.

So if you’d like a DIY way to add a little flare to your laundry space while also helping it to function better, then this might be a good option for you.

Laundry room ideas

16. The Cozy Laundry Room

With this make-over, the laundry room takes on a cozy effect. It has a nice little light that adds some warmth to the room while it rests on the shelf.

But what I love the most about this design is that it is meant for top loaders. It is hard to always find a way to spruce up your laundry room when you don’t use front load washer/dryer sets.

Laundry room ideas

17. Keep the Change

Are you always finding loose change in your washer and dryer? If so, then you need a nice way to store it so it doesn’t end up everywhere.

Well, this is a simple idea that you could probably make yourself. But if you can’t, this idea is actually for sale on etsy.com.

Laundry room ideas

18. Missing Sock Wood Hanger

I’ve seen a lot of different versions of this one particular idea. You can make these yourself if you are an artistic person.

However, if you aren’t, don’t worry because you can still have a cute way of storing stray socks. You can follow the link below to purchase it.

Laundry room ideas

19. The DIY Laundry Pedestal

Do you have a front loader washer/dryer set? If so, then you might want a way to bring them up to your level to save your back.

Well, don’t buy one of those store bought pedestals. Instead, make your own that can also double as a way to sort laundry.

Laundry room ideas

20. Hanger Storage Solution

If you don’t have cabinets in your laundry room, then the above-referenced storage technique for hangers probably won’t work for you.

But if you still need a neat way to store them, then you should consider this idea. You just slide the hangers onto the hooks, and they are out of the way until needed.

Laundry room ideas

21. The Pull-Out Ironing Board

Finding a good place to store an ironing board where it won’t take up a ton of room can sometimes be a struggle.

Then someone created this ingenious idea where the ironing board pulls in and out like a drawer. How awesome is that?

Laundry room ideas

22. The Wood Crate Ironing Station

I love the way this idea looks. We all have ironing boards to contend with. If you have the wall space to hang it, then why not hang a crate right above it?

Then you can have all of your ironing supplies in one easy place. Plus it adds some character to the room as well.

Laundry room ideas

23. The Super Organized Laundry Room

This laundry room looks pretty busy, yet organized simultaneously. It has just about everything you could possibly need.

So if you need a way to house a washer/dryer set, a drying rack, and other organizational supplies, then you might want to consider a few of these ideas.

Laundry room ideas

24. Simple and Cozy Laundry Room

This laundry room looks like a well maintained and simplified laundry room. There isn’t a lot of flare to it. It just looks tidy.

So for those of you who prefer a more simple design for your laundry room, then you might want to consider a similar design as this one.

Laundry room ideas

25. The Sandwiched Shelf

This shelf is a really great way to utilize every ounce of space you have in your laundry room. It is a pull-out shelf that is sandwiched between the washer and dryer.

So as you can imagine this makes things much easier to access when washing clothes. It also doesn’t take up any extra space.

Laundry room ideas

26. The Farmhouse Laundry Sink

This is a little more elegant looking laundry room. Truthfully, it is probably out of my budget.

But if it isn’t for you, then you might want to consider it. It has a great amount of storage and a beautiful farmhouse style sink.

Laundry room ideas

27. The Laundry Room Door

For those of you that have a door to your laundry room, then you might like this as a nice addition to it.

Plus, as I mentioned earlier, no one in your family has any excuse to not help you with the laundry. You added a nice little sign to help them find their way to the laundry room.

Laundry room ideas

28. The Pet-Lovers Laundry Room

I love this laundry room. It is great for those with pets because it seems that the pet’s room always coincides with the laundry room.

So with this style, you have a stylish way of having a fully functional laundry room. But you also have ample amount of space for your pet.

Laundry room ideas

29. If You Don’t Have a Laundry Room

There are some people that literally do not have an actual laundry room in their house. I’m one of them. My laundry room is actually attached to my oversized master bathroom.

But for those that don’t even have that, this is a great way to fit it into your home without drawing a lot of attention to your washer/dryer set. And it’s functional.

Laundry room ideas

30. Retractable Clothes Line

Just because you have a smaller laundry area does not mean that you have to let go of certain things that you need to have a functional laundry room.

For instance, a space to dry your clothes. With this cool retractable clothes line, you just pull it out when needed, and put it up when you don’t need it.

Laundry room ideas

31. The Laundry Room Caddy

I am in love with this idea. If you have a tiny laundry room, then you might really want to consider this idea.

So it is your ironing board, folding table, and storage space all in one. How neat is that?

Laundry room ideas

32. DIY Ironing Board Holder

This is a great idea for storing your ironing board. It is frugal too. I actually purchased one of those ironing board caddies when I needed to hang mine on the wall.

Well, instead, find a couple of vintage looking wall hooks. Place them side by side and hang up your ironing board. She actually used it on the back of her door to hide the ironing board.

Laundry room ideas

33. The Crib Spring Hanging Rack

This is a great way to repurpose items that you might not be using any longer. I know I had a hard time figuring out what to do with my son’s crib when he was through with it.

But I would’ve never thought to use the spring as a drying rack. It looks pretty simple to configure and also very functional.

Laundry room ideas

34. The Dryer Box

If you haven’t noticed, the dryer always has to stick farther out from the wall because of the dryer vent.

Well, after you install this dryer box, the dryer can actually fit closer up to the wall which may help your room to function better.

Laundry room ideas

35. The Simple Storage Method

This is a very budget friendly way of keeping up with small items that often clutter up a laundry room.

So you just need a pale that can be written on and a glass jar. This will give you a great way to label items and keep your laundry room clean.

Laundry room ideas

36. The Laundry Sign

This sign is multi-purpose. It adds some décor to your laundry room.

But it is also a great place to hang laundry as you are preparing it to be put away. So if you want something decorative and functional, this could be it.

Laundry room ideas

37. The Fold Down Drying Racks


These drying racks are ingenious. When they aren’t needed, they simply fold up onto the wall and are out of the way.

But when you need them, you can simply pull them down into position until your clothing is dry. Then you put them back.

Laundry room ideas

38. Laundry Room Stickers

These laundry room stickers are a great way to add a splash of your personality to your wash area.

Plus, I love how they speak the truth in a humorous manner. Basically, if you don’t wash clothes today, you could be in trouble tomorrow.

Laundry room ideas

39. Laundry Dispensers

Let’s say you have open shelving, and you don’t want a bunch of ugly bottles distracting from the rest of your charming décor.

Well, then you go with these glass containers and label your products. It should be easy to get your laundry supplies out and also look nice too.

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40+ Amazing DIY Garden Path and Walkways Ideas

A garden path is an aisle that leads you towards a beautiful flowery end, where the sight of blossoms and soul soothing floral aroma awaits you. Isn’t it wonderful?

However, to fully achieve this kind of experience, it should begin with an enticing path that walks you through a garden and/or your yard.

GoWritter.com collecting of interesting and creative garden path design ideas provides great inspirations for improving yard landscaping and garden design while recycling and using natural materials for beautifying outdoor living spaces. A garden path is very important port of garden design and yard landscaping. A clear picture of the entire space with trees, shrubs, flower beds and walkways before starting any landscaping project helps to achieve an excellent result.

Garden Path Mosaic Making Wind Patterns

Garden Path and Walkway making wind patterns
Image Source: beesandroses.com

Making a beautiful spiral mosaic stone path might be a good idea. A pretty stone path enhances the overall beauty and elegance of your garden. You can try DIY installing your own garden path. Actually it is easier than you expected. It’s not very technical and does not require any power tools. All you need is some supplies, time and a good tutorial to show you how to do it. I found a nice tutorial on how to make pebble mosaic. Just follow the simple steps to create a beautiful spiral mosaic stone path for your garden, front yard or backyard.

Amazing Pebbles Garden Path

Perfect solution for those who want to move into their garden a piece of the beach – pebbles. It is possible to lay out unusual compositions, or just to fill up the track.
Image Source: diy-is-fun.com

Perfect Solution For Those Who Want To Move Into Their Garden A Piece Of The Beach – Pebbles. It Is Possible To Lay Out Unusual Compositions, Or Just To Fill Up The Track.

Install DIY Flagstone Path

Image Source: sunset.com

A pretty stone path enhances the overall beauty of your garden. You can try DIY installing your own garden path. Actually it is easier than you expected. It’s not very technical and does not require any power tools. All you need is some supplies, time and a good tutorial to show you how to do it. I found a nice tutorial on how to install a stunning flagstone garden path. Just follow the 6 simple steps and you can do it in just one weekend. Isn’t it nice that you don’t have to be an expert to get it done? follow sunset instructions!

Backyard Flagstone Pathway

Backyard Flagstone Walkway
Image Source:  theownerbuildernetwork.co
Flagstone-Walkway 02
Image Source:  bridgetandbear.blogspot.com

Foot traffic wear patterns are the most common backyard problem. And when it rains you can instantly notice the bare patches turn to mud due to past erosion. Making a flagstone pathway is the easy and inexpensive solution.

Get the tutorial at Bridget and Bear

Salvaged Wood and Pebbles Garden Path Design

backyard gravel ideas
Image Source: lushome.com

Using new materials and straight lines create perfect garden paths for formal outdoor living spaces. Recycling natural materials in creative ways allow to design informal, unusual and interesting garden paths and walkways.

Beautiful soft curves and straight lines of garden paths and walkways can be created with different materials, from river pebbles, landscaping rocks and gravel to salvaged wood pieces, empty glass bottles and concrete blocks.

Get the tutorial at Funky Junk Interiors

Create an Inexpensive Mulch and Stone Walkway

Create an Inexpensive Mulch and Stone Walkway 03
Image Source: prettyhandygirl.com
Create an Inexpensive Mulch and Stone Walkway 01
Image Source: prettyhandygirl.com

Spring is on its way and that means more rain. It’s also the time of year when the grass has been dormant and there is more exposed dirt and mud in your yard. Let’s be honest, everyone tends to have problem spots in their landscaping that end up looking like a mud pit. And if you have kids or pets running around, it won’t be long before that mud comes walking into your home. Solve mud problems in your home by following Pretty Handy Girl instructions

Concrete Staircase

Concrete Staircase
Image Source: ohiothoughtsblog.blogspot.com

For those of us who need a step up.

Get the tutorial at Ohio Thoughts.


Mosaic Stepping Stone: Finished Project
Image Source: bhg.com

Create a pretty garden path with the help of these handmade stepping stones decorated with pieces of ceramic tiles or plates.

Get the tutorial at bhg.

Mosaic Stone The Garden Path

Mosaic stone the garden path
Image Source: diy-is-fun.com

Using stone, pebbles, decomposed granite and dry mortar, you can build a patio surface that’s uniquely yours.

Get the tutorial at DIY Network.

Amazing Curving Pathway Garden with Diamond Pavers

A curving pathway with diamond pavers filled with blue and white stones is making its way through the trees and is connected with rectangular pavers on the end.
Image Source: homestratosphere.com

A Curving Pathway With Diamond Pavers Filled With Blue And White Stones Is Making Its Way Through The Trees And Is Connected With Rectangular Pavers On The End.

Red concrete black and white stone mosaic.

This crooked pathway designed with red concrete and a black and white stone mosaic creates a decorative texture. Medium sized stones are scattered on the sides.
Image Source: homestratosphere.com

This Crooked Pathway Designed With Red Concrete And A Black And White Stone Mosaic Creates A Decorative Texture. Medium Sized Stones Are Scattered On The Sides.

Get the tutorial at Jeffrey Bale’s World of Gardens.

Amazing Pebble Mosaic

Pebble Mosaic Garden Path

Amazing DIY Garden Path and Walkway Ideas
Image Source: farmfoodfamily.com

Amazing Mosaic Garden Path

This variant of the arrangement of the garden path will require a considerable amount of time and effort, but the result will be beautiful, durable and unique, that would be worth of all the effort.
Image Source: 2minuteswith.com

This variant of the arrangement of the garden path will require a considerable amount of time and effort, but the result will be beautiful, durable and unique, that would be worth of all the effort.

Get the tutorial at Wonderful DIY .

Flower Shaped Bricks

Flower shaped bricks are distributed along the grassy pathway. Curbing along the sides are several flowering plants like marigolds and pansies, added with touches of green, purple and yellow leaves from the shrubs.
Image Source: homestratosphere.com

Flower Shaped Bricks Are Distributed Along The Grassy Pathway. Curbing Along The Sides Are Several Flowering Plants Like Marigolds And Pansies, Added With Touches Of Green, Purple And Yellow Leaves From The Shrubs.

Amazing Front Yard Path Red Brick

Amazing DIY Garden Path and Walkway Ideas
Image Source: homesfeed.com

Make an attractive border for a concrete walkway or patio using brick pavers set on a bed of gravel and sand. With a solid gravel base, a brick border will last for the life of your house.

Large Flagstone Pavers Flowers Garden

Large flagstone pavers will walk you through a paradise of lilies, tulips, hyacinths and daffodils.
Image Source: homestratosphere.com

Large Flagstone Pavers Will Walk You Through A Paradise Of Lilies, Tulips, Hyacinths And Daffodils.

Rectangular Pavers Flowers Garden

Rectangular pavers mounted on the grass and flooded with colorful blossoms on the corners.
Image Source: homestratosphere.com

Building a Stone Walkway

Building a Stone Walkway
Image Source: diynetwork.com

There are many types of building stone available, so it’s important to choose one suitable for the walkway you want to create. You also want to choose stone that complements your yard and home.

Get the tutorial at DIY Network.

Cool Up-Sized Pot Decors

A cool and green bird’s eye view of this garden pathway featuring topiary and up-sized pot decors. A flagstone path garden looks beautiful from the upper view.
Image Source: homestratosphere.com

A Cool And Green Bird’S Eye View Of This Garden Pathway Featuring Topiary And Up-Sized Pot Decors. A Flagstone Path Garden Looks Beautiful From The Upper View.

Clean Stone And Wood Ladder Effect

Amazing DIY Garden Path and Walkway Ideas
Image Source: decorfacil.com

Contemporary Designed Paver And GravelA contemporary designed paver and gravel path garden looks as simple as this picture shows.

Image Source: homestratosphere.com

A Contemporary Designed Paver And Gravel Path Garden Looks As Simple As This Picture Shows.

Simple and Tidy Pebble Garden Path

This pavement is simple and tidy. You will see how delicately these pebbles and blocks are put together in-line with the fine curbs.
Image Source: homestratosphere.com

This Pavement Is Simple And Tidy. You Will See How Delicately These Pebbles And Blocks Are Put Together In-Line With The Fine Curbs.

Pebble Garden Path on Pines Garden

Pebble Garden Path on Pines Garden Walkway Ideas
Image Source: farmfoodfamily.com

Cylinder Curbs Stand Guard

These cylinder curbs stand guard to prevent and protect the pebbles from falling off the pathway.
Image Source: homestratosphere.com

These Cylinder Curbs Stand Guard To Prevent And Protect The Pebbles From Falling Off The Pathway.

Unique Large Wood Cut Pavers

These stepping stones are designed as large wood cut pavers. They create a natural look, like a real tree trunk cut in pieces.
Image Source: homestratosphere.com

These Stepping Stones Are Designed As Large Wood Cut Pavers. They Create A Natural Look, Like A Real Tree Trunk Cut In Pieces.

Amazing Log Garden Path

Amazing DIY Garden Path and Walkway Ideas
Image Source: farmfoodfamily.com

Garden path from wood saw cuts.

Garden path from wood saw cuts looks so natural and cozy.
Image Source: diy-is-fun.com

Garden path from wood saw cuts looks so natural and cozy.

Get the tutorial at bhg.

Rustic Log Garden Path

Rustic Log Garden Path garden path ideas
Image Source: 2minuteswith.com

Get the tutorial at Celebration Generation.

Concrete Tiles and Grass

cottage path ideas
Image Source: lushome.com

Crack Old Pieces of Tile

Create a tiled pathway with old pieces of tile and fill in the cracks with a darker colored stone.
Image Source: beesandroses.com

Create a tiled pathway with old pieces of tile and fill in the cracks with a darker colored stone.

Relax Garden Walkways Minimal Lighting

Amazing DIY Garden Path and Walkway Ideas
Image Source: farmfoodfamily.com

Stump Garden Path Lighting

It’s all too easy to trip and stumble on dark outdoor stairs and steps at night.

Step lights offer a nifty solution to this problem. This type of lighting is installed directly into the steps or immediately nearby to provide safe passage at night.

In addition to improving safety, these lights also improve the overall look and visual appeal of steps and stairs.

Stump Garden Path Lighting
Image Source: 2minuteswith.com

Tulips And Hyacinths Path Garden

A variety of spring flowers parading as the flagstones fall in the center line. Present are daffodils, tulips and hyacinths in yellow, blue, white and purple blossoms.
Image Source: homestratosphere.com

A Variety Of Spring Flowers Parading As The Flagstones Fall In The Center Line. Present Are Daffodils, Tulips And Hyacinths In Yellow, Blue, White And Purple Blossoms.

 Side Home White Pebble Garden Path

creative walkway ideas
Image Source: lushome.com

Unique recycled pavers garden path

Unique recycled pavers garden path
Image Source: 2minuteswith.com

Reclaimed Diy Brick Path Garden

Reclaimed diy brick path garden
Image Source: 2minuteswith.com

Garden Path for the Hill

If you have a hill in your backyard, this could be the solution to your pathway problems. Use rocks to create a small staircase up the hill. Add some vegetation and you have a great backyard pathway!
Image Source: beesandroses.com

If you have a hill in your backyard, this could be the solution to your pathway problems. Use rocks to create a small staircase up the hill. Add some vegetation and you have a great backyard pathway!

Red Ceramics Path on Small Garden

cottage path ideas
Image Source: lushome.com

Recycled Wood Walkways

An entire rock pathway can be a little overbearing, so use recycled wood to create a pathway. Fill in with gravel.
Image Source: beesandroses.com

An entire rock pathway can be a little overbearing, so use recycled wood to create a pathway. Fill in with gravel.

Red Brick Path on the Water

path garden on water ideas
Image Source: lushome.com

Traditional Garden Path Colored Rocks

Amazing DIY Garden Path and Walkways Ideas - Traditional Garden Path Colored Rocks
Image Source: beesandroses.com

Use different colored rocks to create a pattern. The different colors really help to make the space look used, which is great!

Amazing kindergarten Garden Path

Amazing DIY Garden Path and Walkway Ideas
Image Source: Katie F Guidry

Woodchips and Gray River Rocks

Use woodchips and gray river rocks to connect different areas of your yard together
Image Source: beesandroses.com

Use woodchips and gray river rocks to connect different areas of your yard together.

Beauty Garden Flowers Path Brown Pebble

While this is not great for barefoot walking, loose gravel is a great material for a pathway.
Image Source: beesandroses.com

While this is not great for barefoot walking, loose gravel is a great material for a pathway.

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75 Stylish Black Bedroom Ideas And Photos

Black is a bold and versatile choice for a room’s color scheme. From moody black walls to chic modern decor, the possibilities for a black room are endless. If you want to go dark with your bedroom design, these black bedroom ideas will help you.

We’ve gathered 75 black bedroom ideas featuring everything from distressed rustic furniture to Bohemian decor. Use the filters to help you find the perfect styles for your black bedroom. Once you have some ideas in mind, add your own touch to the room by adding personalized home decor pieces from our site.

Add your own twist to a classic black and white color scheme by using fun modern pieces of decor, like this eclectic hanging chandelier.

Photo credit: Bobby Berk Design

Make your black nightstand pop by adding on unique knobs. Take inspiration from this fun plant-themed nightstand featuring flower knobs and cactus decorations.

Photo credit: By Brittany Goldwyn

A black color scheme works perfectly in a bedroom with a brick wall. Attach industrial-style reading lamps to your wall and use a black bedspread for a modern look.

Photo credit: Camilla Molders

Hang a bright gold decoration above your bed to give your black bedroom a lovely sparkle. Match this decoration with a gold lamp.

Photo credit: Caroline Lima

Enhance the brightness in a room with black walls by using a white bedspread and bright red accents throughout the room.

Photo credit: Chad Jackson Photography

Decorate with a distressed black nightstand to give your black bedroom a rustic feel. For contrast, use white decor on the nightstand.

Photo credit: Chic California

Place gold-accented decor against a black wall for the perfect pop of color in your black bedroom.

Photo credit: Christine Dovey

Give your black bedroom a Bohemian feel by decorating with patterned pillows and blankets. Brighten up the room with a whimsical string of lights.

Photo credit: Coombs Design

Can’t find a dresser in the right color? Don’t be a afraid to paint your dresser black to match the rest of your bedroom.

Photo credit: Create and Babble

Use the colors in your favorite decorative pillow as the inspiration for your black bedroom’s color scheme.

Photo credit: Design Manifest

Fill tall black shelves with your favorite pieces of decor and art. Use shelves with glass bottoms to add brightness to your bedroom.

Photo credit: Duoventures

Use subtle pops of orange in your wall art and decorative pillows to add brightness to a room with black walls.

Photo credit: Ekin Erinch

Attach wheels to your dresser to make it easy to rearrange your furniture. Create a theme for your dresser, like this piece’s rustic theme.

Photo credit: Ferpie and Fray

Include lamps that work as statement pieces in your black bedroom. Use both unique hanging light fixtures and eclectic lamps on your bedside table.

Photo credit: Fresco Interiors Design

Pair a bold black headboard and black decor with white walls to add lightness to your black bedroom.

Photo credit: Frock Files

Go monochrome in your bedroom by decorating a black bed with white decorative pillows. Include mirrors throughout your bedroom to add light to the room.

Photo credit: Haneen’s Haven

Don’t be afraid to go for bold modern patterns in your black bedroom’s wallpaper. Pair the wallpaper with mirrored decor and furniture for a unique look.

Photo credit: Haus Interior

Place fun pieces of art against your black walls for contrast. Use a bright bedspread to add more light to your black bedroom.

Photo credit: House of Rose

Stencil different patterns onto your black walls to add subtle pops of color. Complete the look with matching gold wall art.

Photo credit: Caitlin Wallace-Rowland, Icing on the Cake Blog

Decorate with a black and white striped carpet to give your black bedroom some modern flair. Pair the rug with a matching black bed frame.

Photo credit: Jana Carson

Create a bedroom that’s truly unique by using a headboard and a bedspread featuring your initials.

Photo credit: Phillip Esparza

Contrast black walls with colorful decorative pillows and bright black and white art pieces.

Photo credit: Jeanne Oliver Designs

Looking for black bedroom ideas for rooms with black walls? Fill the room with white furniture and decor for great contrast.

Photo credit: Jennifer Backstein Interiors

Give your bedroom an eclectic feel by decorating with whimsical illustrations, unique nightstands and patterned armchairs.

Photo credit: Krista Keltanen

Create contrast in your black bedroom by pairing black walls with a white rug and a white bedspread. Use pops of color in your room’s decor to add brightness.

Photo credit: Lesley W. Graham

Yellow is a wonderful accent color choice for your black bedroom. For a cohesive look, include pops of yellow on your bed and in the decor throughout your room.

Photo credit: Eric Roth Photography

Attach brass corner plates to the drawers on your black nightstand to add contrast to the furniture.

Photo credit: Love and Renovations

Pair bold black bookshelves with colorful decorations and plants for contrast. Include other fun decorations to make your bookshelves pop, like this room’s modern art.

Photo credit: Making It Lovely

Combine black walls with a pink bedspread for a lovely and colorful addition to your black bedroom.

Photo credit: Making It Lovely

Decorate your black bedroom with a gorgeous nightstand that features a black and white marble top.

Photo credit: Marta Xochilt Perez

Paint thin gold stripes onto one of your black walls to add brightness to your black bedroom.

Photo credit: Maxine Schnitzer Photography

Create a fun modern black bedroom featuring polka dot and stripe patterns. To make the patterns work together, use the same colors in both patterns.

Photo credit: Meme Hill

Pair a gorgeous black and white bedspread with bright blue and orange pillows for the perfect unified look.

Photo credit: Modiano Design

Place a plush velvet bench at the end of your bed to add another dimension to your modern black bedroom.

Photo credit: Nicole White

Stage a beautiful vintage scene in your black bedroom by decorating a distressed black dresser with an antique piece of art.

Photo credit: Orphans With Makeup

Stain your dresser to give it an aged look. Add fun vintage decorations to the top of your dresser, like old signs and rustic decor.

Photo credit: Perfectly Imperfect

Create a gorgeous minimalistic design in your bedroom by using a black accent wall and simple black and white decor and decorative pillows.

Photo credit: Radion Photography

Get creative with the decorative pillows on your bed! Use pillows that feature different patterns, colors and shapes.

Photo credit: Red Agape Blog

Lighten up a black dresser by decorating with white candles. For more brightness, pair the black dresser with a white bedspread.

Photo credit: Redhead Can Decorate

Display black and white photos of famous stars to add vintage glam to your bedroom. Pair the photos with matching black and white striped walls.

Photo credit: Refashionably Late

Wrap a piece of brass fabric around the base of a white nightstand for the perfect contrast. Pair the nightstand with bold black walls and curtains.

Photo credit: Room For Tuesday

Go on a trip around the world in your bedroom by using decor and furniture from all different regions. Get inspired by this room’s lovely Asian-style dresser.

Photo credit: Sarah Bartholomew

Choose a fun black wooden bed frame that features unique designs. Pair the bold bed frame with a simple white bedspread.

Photo credit: Savvy Home Blog

If you just have a small amount of space between your bed and wall, decorate with a tiny side table. Use colorful decorations to make the small piece of furniture pop.

Photo credit: Splendor Styling

Turn your black walls into a canvas and paint on fun decorations that fit your unique style. Paint a border around your drawing to make it pop.

Photo credit: Stacey Cohen Design

Add brightness to your black bedroom with a cheery yellow lamp. Pair the lamp with matching decorative pillows.

Photo credit: Studio Ten 25

Give your bedroom a modern feel by using a minimalistic design featuring simple black and white decor and wall art.

Photo credit: Stylizmo Blog

Get creative with the color scheme in a room with black walls. Use pieces with the same accent colors throughout your room for a unified look.

Photo credit: Swoonworthy

Add some Bohemian flair to your black bedroom by decorating one of your walls with a colorful patterned piece.

Photo credit: The Brick House

Add texture to the space above your bed by decorating with abstract and three-dimensional pieces that match your color scheme.

Photo credit: The Decorista

Attach bright white moulding to your bedroom wall to another dimension to the room. Use two different paint colors on either side of the molding for a unique look.

Photo credit: Lil Luna

Give your monochrome bedroom depth by simply decorating your side table with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Photo credit: The Design Chaser

Use a glamorous golden bedframe to contrast with the dark walls in your black bedroom. Pair the bed frame with decor that features golden accent.

Photo credit: The Design Daredevil

Show your unique style by using one of your bookshelves as a place to display your favorite bright pieces of decor.

Photo credit: The Design Daredevil

Hang picture ledges above your dresser to create more space to show your favorite family photos and pieces of art.

Photo credit: The DIY Playbook

Use the animal kingdom as inspiration for the rug in your black bedroom. Include a rug that matches your furniture like this room’s zebra print piece.

Photo credit: The Heathered Nest

Decorate a black accent wall with a collection of different-sized bright white plates for a fun and unique statement piece.

Photo credit: The Nesting Game

Give your bedroom a regal feel by decorating your wall with a piece of gold decor. To make it stand out, use just one piece of decor.

Photo credit: The O’Donnell Collective

Paint the drawers on a black nightstand gray to add contrast to the piece. Add brightness by placing a colorful lamp on the nightstand.

Photo credit: The Painted House

Go for an all-black bedroom featuring a black bed, black walls and black decor. To lighten up this dark room, use beige or gold accents.

Photo credit: Tomas Frenes

Use patterned curtains to add another dimension to a bedroom featuring a solid-colored bedspread and nightstand.

Photo credit: View Along the Way

Turn your dresser into a statement piece for your bedroom by painting it black and attaching golden handles. Decorate with gold decor for another glam touch.

Photo credit: Vintage Refined

Create a theme for your wall art to give it a cohesive look. Get inspired by this room’s cute animal theme featuring a golden bear bust and illustrations of horses.

Photo credit: Yvonne Rock Photography

Hang black and white curtains around your headboard to create a unique decoration for your black bedroom.

Photo credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors

Attach bright white moulding to your bedroom wall to another dimension to the room. Use two different paint colors on either side of the moulding for a unique look.

Photo credit: Lil Luna

Use sparkling silver accents to make your black bedroom pop. Decorate with silver artwork and curtains and include a silver bedspread.

Photo credit: Jean Allsopp

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75 Brilliant Blue Bedroom Ideas And Photos

Blue is a classic and endlessly customizable choice for a color scheme. Every shade of blue will add a different feel to your room, from a bold navy to bright aquas or teals. If you need help choosing your perfect shade of blue, get inspired by these lovely blue bedroom ideas.

Create a bedroom that feels soothing and relaxing by using light blue walls and neutral-colored accents. Include matching art to complete the look.

Photo credit: Celebrating Everyday Life

Add a Bohemian feel to your bed by using a wicker headboard with an eclectic pattern and shape.

Photo credit: Centered By Design

Green and blue pair together wonderfully! Use a mixture of blue and green decorative pillows to add more color to your blue bedroom.

Photo credit: Classic Casual Home

Include orange throughout your bedroom to give your room a cheerful feel. To keep the orange from being too overwhelming, use it as an accent color and just include a few pieces of all-orange decor.

Photo credit: Connie Cooper Designs

Place a blue throw blanket onto the end of your bed to add contrast with a white comforter.

Photo credit: Decorating Cents

Warm up a cool blue color scheme by decorating your bed with red or coral pillows.

Photo credit: Embrace My Space

Feature a blue dresser in your room to add brightness. Add more storage to the top of the dresser by decorating with a wicker basket.

Photo credit: Embrace My Space

Incorporate pillows and a bedspread with all different textures onto your bed. Simple blue bedroom ideas like this can make your room truly stand out.

Designer: Meagan Rae Interiors

Photo credit: Entirely Eventful Day

Head under the sea for inspiration for your blue bedroom. Include nautical details throughout your room in both your decor and your wall art.

Photo credit: Erica Burns

Bring a natural element into a dark room by placing a wicker wooden bench at the end of your bed.

Photo credit: Everyday Reading

Place two cozy armchairs next to each other with a fun table between them to create a great place to sit and relax in your blue bedroom.

Photo credit: Fancy Ashley

Design a room that includes modern and rustic touches. Feature a classic wooden headboard and pair it with bright blue pillows.

Photo credit: Fresh Crush

Textured pillows are a gorgeous addition to your bedroom. Include pillows made out of different materials, like soft velvet and classic silk.

Photo credit: Hello Lidy

Use an antique chair with a blue cushion as decoration in your blue bedroom. Place a colorful decorative pillow on the chair to add another dimension to it.

Photo credit: Hi Sugarplum

Give your bed a glamorous feel by decorating with sparkly blue, black and silver pillows that feature bright patterns and images.

Photo credit: Home by Heidi

Attach molding to your walls to add a unique texture. Paint the molding the same colors as your walls and include decorations that add pops of color.

Photo credit: I Heart Organizing

Build a small bench underneath your window to create a cozy sitting area in your blue bedroom.

Photo credit: The Interior Frugalista

You don’t have to cover your entire wall in wallpaper. This blue bedroom shows that you can plaster wallpaper on just the center of your wall for a unique look.

Photo credit: It All Started With Paint

Go all-natural with the decor in your blue bedroom by using sculpted tree lamps and matching leaf patterned decorative pillows.

Designer: Jamie Keskin Design

Photo credit: Kyle Caldwell

If you’re planning on using different patterns in your bedspread and pillows, use the same color scheme throughout to make your design cohesive.

Photo credit: Jamie Salomon

Lighten a dark blue bedroom by using white furniture, like this room’s rustic wardrobe.

Photo credit: Jenna Sue Design

Incorporate abstract pieces of art into your classic blue bedroom to add an eclectic touch to the room.

Photo credit: Josh Gruetzmacher

Hang a bright statement piece above your bed. Use a piece that contrasts with the color of your wall, like this room’s bright gold decoration.

Photo credit: Keiko Lynn

Place mirrors on your nightstands’ drawers for a unique look that will brighten up your blue bedroom.

Photo credit: Leah Martin Photography

Go bold in your bedroom by using a bright blue and white patterned bedspread. Include matching pillowcases for a cohesive look.

Photo credit: Lemon Stripes

Make your bedroom feel like an art gallery by decorating your walls with abstract paintings in bright gold frames.

Photo credit: Life With Emily

Pair light blue walls with a bright silver statement piece for a great unified look.

Photo credit: Like A Saturday

Brighten up your blue bedroom by using light blue decor and white as an accent color.

Photo credit: Lilly Bunn

Complement blue walls with pops of yellow. Use yellow in your pillows and in your furniture.

Photo credit: Making Spaces

Give your bedroom a regal feel by surrounding your bed with a canopy. Use brightly colored curtains to add light to your room.

Designer: Miguel Flores-Vianna

Photo credit: Mary McDonald

Patterned and colorful pillows are wonderful blue bedroom ideas. Include pillows in colors that complement each other, like this room’s orange and blue pieces.

Photo credit: Michelle Drewes

Brighten a room with dark blue walls by using a bright white headboard and a white bedspread.

Photo credit: Morgan Blake

Add small modern touches to a classic bedroom to give the room your own twist. This bedroom accomplishes this by using a bold geometric lamp.

Photo credit: My Old Country House

Go minimalistic with your design by combining dark blue walls with simple white and brown furniture.

Photo credit: Nicole Franzen

Turn your bedroom into a comic book strip by painting a classic comic burst onto the wall. Use stencils to create this fun decoration.

Photo credit: Paint Yourself A Smile

Attach brass sconces to blue walls for a beautiful pop of color. Include brass decor on your nightstand for a unified look.

Photo credit: Pencil Shaving Studio

Create a gorgeous ombre effect on your bedroom’s walls to add depth to the room. Make the ombre walls the stars of your room by using only a few small wall decorations.

Photo credit: Petite Modern Life

Match your patterned curtains with your decorative pillows for a great cohesive look in your blue bedroom.

Photo credit: Phoebe Howard

Enhance the look of your bed by using all different shades of blue in your headboard, bedspread and pillows.

Photo credit: Plum Interiors

Change the knobs on your dressers to add your unique personality to the furniture. Take inspiration from this fun aqua and gold dresser.

Designer: Symmetry Designs

Photo credit: Pretty Handy Girl

Make a cute DIY headboard by painting vintage window shutters bright blue. For a fun addition, place little chalkboards above the headboard.

Photo credit: Samantha Elizabeth Blog

A white nightstand pairs perfectly with blue walls. Decorate the nightstand with bright pieces that match your wall’s colors.

Photo credit: Scott Designs

Make your blue bedroom feel nautical by using a fun decorative pillow featuring a sea creature. Pair the pillow with nautical wall decorations, like this room’s gold turtle shell.

Photo credit: Shore Society

Include an embroidered pillow on your bed to add texture. Pair the pillow with other decorative pillows in matching colors and patterns.

Photo credit: Starfish Cottage

Create a unified look by using the same pattern throughout your blue bedroom. This bedroom creatively included a similar pattern in its rug, decorative pillows and wall art.

Photo credit: Storybook Interiors

Paint your spare picture frames bright blue and use the frames as a unique wall decoration.

Photo credit: Tatertots and Jello

Add a rustic touch to your bedroom by attaching stained wood to the wall behind your bed. Pair the dark wood with bright blue decor.

Photo credit: TFD Style

Give your blue bedroom a glamorous feel by including gold decor on your dresser. Complete the look by attaching gold handles to your blue dresser.

Photo credit: The Home I Create

Have fun mixing and matching the decorative pillows on your bed. Create a design that includes pillows with similar patterns in different colors.

Photo credit: The Homes I Have Made

Find pieces of fabric that have patterns you love and use them as wall decorations in your blue bedroom. Place a piece of decor in a complementary color in front of the fabric.

Photo credit: The Little Black Door

Give your bedroom a rustic feel by using a blue nightstand with distressed paint and vintage decor.

Photo credit: The Shabby Creek Cottage

Go nautical in your blue bedroom by including a navy color scheme and decorating with pillows featuring classic anchors and striped patterns.

Photo credit: Thinking Closet

Consider using a classic tan and blue color scheme for your bedroom. Include a unique plush headboard to add an interesting twist to the room.

Photo credit: Tori Aston

Pair a simple wooden headboard with colorful patterned decorative pillows for a balanced look. Include fun decorations above the headboard to make your room shine.

Photo credit: What Rose Knows

Include a unique canopy bed frame to add an interesting element to your bed. Pair the bed frame with decor in complementary colors.

Photo credit: Our Fifth House

Place a frame around a fun saying on your wall to make a decoration that pops. Complete the look by hanging a mirror with a matching frame underneath the saying.

Photo credit: The Vintage Wren

Play off of your blue color scheme with customized bedding! Choose from your favorite shade of blue, pictures or pattern.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Accent a blue color scheme with hints of gray and yellow! For an added touch, personalize your room with your favorite photos.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Use the colors in your favorite painting as inspiration for the color scheme in your blue bedroom’s decor.

Photo credit: Three Birds Renovations

Create a fun chevron pattern on your walls for a modern touch in your bedroom. Use two different colored paints to add another dimension to this look.

Photo credit: Jaimie Lyn Custom Interiors

Decorate with curtains in a pattern similar to the one on your bedspread for a cohesive look in your blue bedroom.

Photo credit: McCann Design Group

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35+ DIY Farmhouse Table Plans to Give a Rustic Feel

Farmhouse style decor is hot today. Even people who live in urban areas are decorating their house with this style. It’s because the farmhouse style will bring the warm feeling to any home.

If you want to get started with farmhouse decor, one of the easiest ways is with a farmhouse dining table.

1. The Bright Kitchen Table


When I first saw this table I immediately felt like it belonged in a room with lots of windows and fresh breezes blowing through.

And it is the solid wood top with the white legs that give this kitchen table a brighter feel. So if you’d like a farmhouse table that brings a breath of fresh air with it then this could be it.

Build this table ›

2. DIY Farmhouse Table


This table doesn’t have the same finished look that many tables do. But if you are like me and love the rustic appeal then you’d probably adore this table.

And it appears to be extremely sturdy which is really important if you are planning on having many years of memories made around it. Or if you have a large family like I do.

Build this table ›

3. The Large Farmhouse Table


I need this table in my life. I’m being serious. It holds up to 8 people and is beautiful to boot.

So if you need to have plenty of seating while also having a rustic appeal in the process then this table just might be what you’ve been searching for.

Build this table ›

4. The Outdoor Farmhouse Table


This is not your traditional farmhouse table. But if you love to entertain and have a beautiful outdoor living space then you might really love and need this table.

And it is big enough to hold most any size family. Which is great news for people that have a lot of people to join them around their table.

Build this table ›

5. Farmhouse Table With Bench


I love this table. It looks so welcoming and can hold quite a few people as well. To me, having a large kitchen table equates to having a welcome spot for many to come and gather.

So if you want this type of space in your home then consider this table. The bench makes for a comfortable space to eat or talk for hours.

Build this table ›

6. The Rustic Farmhouse Table


This table is absolutely gorgeous. I love how they took mismatched chairs and placed them around it. It certainly gives this table even more character.

But I also love how simple the build appears. The design is basic and sturdy. Which would make this a perfect table for anyone as long as they had some carpentry skills.

Build this table ›

7. The Easy Farmhouse Table


The design of this farmhouse table is one that even those with very little carpentry skills could master.

And it holds quite a few people as well. So if you desire a simple table with the farmhouse charm then consider this table.

Build this table ›

8. The Wide Farmhouse Table


This farmhouse table is extra wide. To be honest, I think it would be an amazing table to have to serve Thanksgiving dinner on.

And you wouldn’t need a leaf or anything of the sort. You could literally fit a full spread on this giant table.

Build this table ›

9. The Gigantic Farmhouse Table


Farmhouse tables are supposed to be big. But this one absolutely takes the cake. From what I see, you could easily fit 10 people around this one table.

But obviously, this would take a larger kitchen or dining room to hold it. Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of space. But if you do then go for this table. It’d be hard to outgrow.

Build this table ›

10. The Cherished Table


This table is so unique because of the different accents they added to it. But yet simple enough that it could be easily built.

So if you need a table that will be easy for you to build regardless of carpentry level. But still able to be dressed up to fit your unique style then consider this table.

11. The Double Bench Farmhouse Table


I love benches at tables. We actually have one at our kitchen table. And the reason is that it is so easy to slide in as many people as necessary.

But I also love how simple the design of this table is. It is classic and gorgeous. And could be made as modern or as rustic as your tastes desire.

Build this table ›

12. The Simple Farmhouse Table With Benches


This is another farmhouse table that I adore because of the seating and design. I love the design because of how simple it is.

And I could imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to build. But I love the seating too because of the benches. It seems to have a welcoming feel to it.

Build this table ›

13. The Modern Farmhouse Table


This is an extremely basic design for a farmhouse table. It would be very easy for almost anyone to build.

But they added a modern twist to a simple design with the seating. So you could make this table as rustic or modern as you preferred.

Build this table ›

14. The Simple White Farmhouse Table

This design is another that appears to be rather simple to build. The chairs are a little more complex. But with the right carpentry skills, you should be able to build them just fine.

However, this table stands out a little more than some of the others because of the wooden top and painted legs. So if you want a farmhouse table that might stand out a little extra then consider this design.

Build this table ›

15. The Simple Farm Table


This table is another one that is very basic. The table design itself looks super simple. And building the bench doesn’t appear that challenging either.

But the chairs could be purchased or built depending upon your carpentry skills. So if you’d like a table with plenty of seating and a simple design then check this one out.

Build this table ›

16. DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table


This table looks very easy to construct. Plus it comes with two different styles of legs. So you can choose which style suits your needs the most.

But if you are someone that is looking for something that is easier to build then this style would probably suit you. And it would be gorgeous in almost any style of home.

Build this table ›

17. Rustic Table With Wood Top


Let’s say you are someone like me and like things to look a little rustic and worn. Well, then you’ll probably like this table.

And I say that because it has a beautiful wood finished top. But the legs have a distressed look which often fits in well with the rustic, country charm.

Build this table ›

18. Basic Double Bench Farmhouse Table


This table is another design that looks easier to build. But it also has plenty of room for lots of guests too.

And with two benches you could always have room to squeeze in a few extra people if needed. So if you are looking for a simple table that will match any home interior tastes then this could be it.

Build this table ›

19. The Round Farm Table


This table is a little different from what most have in mind when they think of a farmhouse table. But it is still sturdy and nice to look at.

So if you don’t have a kitchen with room for a long rectangular table then you might want to consider this design. It still has farmhouse charm just in a different shape.

Build this table ›

20. The Smaller Farmhouse Table


This farmhouse table still packs all of the charms of the bigger tables but would fit in smaller areas. And it has the cute benches to accompany it.

So if you like the farmhouse style but don’t have a tremendous amount of kitchen space then give this style a glance. You might find it is just what you’ve wanted.

21. Farmhouse Table Island


This is a really neat idea for people with limited kitchen space. If you like the farmhouse style then you’d love this design.

But this table can double as a kitchen island. So if you don’t have room for a larger table then consider this one that could actually serve two purposes.

Build this table ›

22. The Larger Farmhouse Table


This is a table that would take a larger kitchen or dining area. But it sure is beautiful. It has a solid wood top.

And the rest of the table is painted a beautiful white color. It gives this table an antique feel. So if you have space and love furniture that feels like an antique then check this one out.

Build this table ›

23. Classic Farmhouse Design


This classic farmhouse design is one that will probably never go out of style. It is very functional with the bench seating. And it will allow for many people to gather around this table.

But it also looks very simple to build since the design is simple. So if you need a functional table that will offer classic charm then consider this design.

Build this table ›

24. Large Picnic Design Farmhouse Table


This table reminds me of a picnic table. It doesn’t have the built-in benches. But the top of it is laid out like a traditional style picnic table.

But that is the really neat thing about this design is that you can add a different style chair with this design and give it a more modern flare.

Build this table ›

25. The Simple Farmhouse Table


This is another design that is super easy. So if you are someone that is new to the idea of building things yourself then this might be a good place to start.

And though the design is simple it is still a gorgeous table. You could add some decorative touches to the chairs to add a little more character if you desired. But if not, it would be a gorgeous addition to any home as is.

Build this table ›

26. The 6-Seater Farmhouse Table


This farmhouse table is shown as seating 6. But in reality, you could add a couple of chairs at the end and seat at least 8.

So if you need a beautiful larger table to fit in your dining room then this could very well be it. And the design is super simple which is a nice bonus.

Build this table ›

27. DIY Farmhouse Table With Extensions


So you’d like to have a farmhouse table with plenty of room when needed. But that it could shrink in size when you don’t need the added space.

Well, we’ve got you covered with this table. This table has leaf extensions that can be added when needed and taken down when not in use.

Build this table ›

28. Shanty 2 Chic Farmhouse Table


This table is absolutely gorgeous. It is one you’d envision when planning the ideal rustic outdoor wedding.

So the idea that I could eat at this table every night probably excites me a little too much. But if you have space in your kitchen for it, you could have this gorgeous piece of furniture included in your daily life too.

Build this table ›

29. The Domestic Heart Table


This table is another very simple farmhouse design. And that is great news for those that would actually have to construct this masterpiece.

But it is also large, functional, and very pretty to look at. And it would fit into just about any design scheme of any home.

Build this table ›

30. The Every Day Farmhouse Table


This table reminds me of the table you saw in the famous, hit show The Waltons. I’m a huge fan of that show by the way.

But I digress, this table would be very functional to any size family. And something that could be used regularly. As well as add charm to any style kitchen.

Build this table ›

31. The Large Simple Farmhouse Table


I love this table. I love how simple the design is. And yet it still packs so much beauty into one table.

And I also love how it could hold quite a few people around it. But anyone who had to actually construct this table would be in love because the design is eloquent while easy.

Build this table ›

32. My Dream Farmhouse Table


This table is absolutely gorgeous. Again, it would require a larger dining space but if you have it available then this would be a great way to fill it.

But it also is another design that would be easier to build so your carpenter would certainly thank you.

Build this table ›

33. Smaller Farmhouse Table


This is another smaller farmhouse table. But it stays true to the design while not taking up an astronomical amount of space.

And it could still seat up to 6 people. So if you love this design but don’t have a larger dining space then give this option a glance.

Build this table ›

34. The Everyday Farmhouse Table


This farmhouse table is another one that would be great for everyday use. And it would also add a lovely bit of charm to your kitchen.

So when you are busy cooking and doing all of the other daily chores around your kitchen you would certainly have a great work space and a beautiful piece of furniture to look at in the process.

Build this table ›

35. The Basic Shanty 2 Chic Table


This table is a super simple design. If you are someone that is new to the world of carpentry, then this might be a good project.

But it would also be a great piece of furniture to add to your kitchen. And it would certainly add a touch of charm to your home as well.

Build this table ›

36. The Multi-Purpose Design


This table is a great design. For starters, it is another easy design that your carpenter would surely thank you for.

But it is also versatile. I use my kitchen table for eating, playing cards, homeschooling, and working a lot of days. This table would be well suited to handle any of those tasks. Which makes it a great addition to any kitchen.

Build this table ›

37. The Traditional Farmhouse Table


This traditional farmhouse table is what you might think of when you think of the term ‘farmhouse kitchen table.’

And it is roomy but also simple. Which makes it a great addition to almost any home. That way you could have as much space as you needed. But the fact that it isn’t a complicated build makes it a priceless piece.

Build this table ›

38. A Basic Farmhouse Table


This is another example of what a traditional farmhouse table is. It appears to be very easy to build. Which is a bonus within itself.

But it also can hold quite a few people. Or be spread out so you can make it a traditional table which sits four. This table has plenty of possibilities which would make it a fantastic piece for most any home.

Build this table ›

39. A Modern Farmhouse Table


This farmhouse table has rustic charm but could still easily blend into a modern home. And provide ample seating space in the midst.

So if you live in an older home or maybe even a brand new home and have the desire to have a farmhouse table then consider this one. It is gorgeous and could blend in anywhere.

Build this table ›

40. The Picnic Farmhouse Table


This table has boatloads of character. So if you don’t want a traditional kitchen table then you should definitely give this table a glance.

And if you need lots of space this table can provide that as well. This table literally can provide functionality and character in one package.

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25+ Bathroom Mirror Ideas To Refresh Your Space

A mirror is the perfect finishing touch for your bathroom. There’s a unique approach for every style—especially yours. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom with a gorgeous design, we’re here to help. We’ve put together bathroom mirror ideas so you can customize your room the way you want it. The breathtaking look for your mirror begins here, along with these additional bathroom ideas.

1. Dreamland

bathroom mirror dreamland

Source: Be Crafty

No complication here. Add dashes of vintage colors against a dreamy white background for flawless design. Each trace of gold is a powerful design statement against a serene backdrop.

2. Farmhouse Makeover

bathroom mirror farmhouse makeover

Source: StoneGable

Add in a touch of farmhouse quality for a bright and refreshing bathroom mirror makeover. This peaceful design is a great way to revive an old sink or mirror.

3. Welcoming And Luxurious

bathroom mirror welcoming and luxurious

Source: My Paradissi

Bring out the best features of your bathroom mirror with wood and marble. The black pendant lamps are a welcoming touch for a desirable contrast on neutral colors. This clean and polished look is easy to maintain day in and day out, especially if you have kids.

4. One Of A Kind Refresh

Breathe life into your bathroom again with a modern and fresh twist. It’s simplistic in design, but the white and black colors give it a clean and cool look. This lovely contrast is one of a kind.

5. Your Graceful Space

bathroom mirror your graceful space

Source: Jeff Mindell

It doesn’t take much to turn your bathroom into a lavish retreat. Use jars to store beautiful bath salts or scented candles near your mirror. Don’t forget to nestle a plant into a pot to make your space feel fresh.

6. Golden Frame Elegance

Brighten up your bathroom mirror with a gold frame against a white wall. This is one of our favorite unique bathroom mirrors. You’ll agree when you witness the splendid way the colors light up your room.

7. Jack And Jill

A playful take on a classic English look. The accents and wallpaper design top off this genuine style.

8. Urban Contemporary

bathroom mirror urban contemporary

Source: My Paradissi

Sometimes you have to cut out unnecessary clutter. Line up two vanity mirrors behind shutters for a beautiful light contrast. For the finishing touch, put your favorite indoor plants in the background. Kick back and relax in your own paradise.

9. Both Traditional And Modern

This charming bathroom design is both classic and modern. The right amount of light and texture gives this bathroom a youthful edge in its design.

10. Let There Be Light

bathroom mirror let there be light

Source: Hello Hoku

Some of the best bathroom vanity mirror ideas are simplistic and refreshing. Mix a coat of bright white paint with wooden accents and brass for a delightful atmosphere. Open the curtains and let the sunlight pour into your bathroom for true divinity.

11. Bringing Back The 80s

bathroom mirror bringing back the 80s

Source: Dorsey Designs

Chandelier metal is the perfect tool for unique bathroom mirrors. Recreate this imaginative look of the 80s with your own creative touch. It’s inexpensive to make, but your finished product will look like it’s worth hundreds of dollars.

12. Inlay Mirror Top

bathroom mirror inlay mirror top

Source: Crazy Wonderful

Personalize the border of your mirror with a stencil. Sketch out and trace the look you want, then add in a coat of paint to highlight the top. People will ask you how you came up with this original masterpiece.

13. Texture Renovation

Elevate your bathroom mirror to the next level by spicing up a plain old mirror with a texture upgrade. All you need is a can of spray paint for an easy fix to a dry bathroom.

14. Winter Powder Room

Build a lovely mirror cabinet into your bathroom with a custom painting above the towel rack. The grey branches harmonize with the look and feel of the bathroom colors.

15. Ocean Reflection

Coat the design of your frame with turquoise. The unique pattern and gorgeous ocean blue will make your mirror pop.

16. Glossy Tassel Mirror

Embellish your bathroom mirror with gloss and a stylish tassel. The red and gold braids bring out a whimsical touch. This is ideal against a white or off-white wall so the colors really pop.

17. Slim Trimmed Black Mirror

bathroom mirror slim trimmed

Source: Dahlias & Dimes

Black paint on a frame adds wonderful definition to a room. Add a modern black trimmed mirror for a minimalistic look. Brush on a couple of coats of paint and a wax finish for this beautiful design.

18. Posh And Fancy

A gold frame will bring out the beautiful details around your mirror and along the trim of your shelves. Quick bathroom mirror ideas tip: a larger mirror gives off the feel of a bigger bathroom. Add shade with more curtains for marvelous style.

19. Graceful And Minimal

bathroom mirror graceful and minimal

Source: The Merrythought

If you feel like you can never have enough mirrors for your bathroom, this DIY triangle mirror is for you. It’s excellent for the ideal makeup room, where you can keep it next to brushes and powders without taking up much space. Minimalistic, yet elegant.

20. Timeless Tone

Coupled with wooden accents, the black round mirror makes for a soothing finish. Rejuvenate your bathroom mirror with these warm elements.

21. Shell Magnifying Makeup Mirror

bathroom mirror shell magnifying makeup mirror

Source: homework

Give your makeup mirror some flair with a beach inspired design. It’s a great way to showcase shells collected from the beaches you’ve visited. Add the prettiest shells around the top layer with glue for this adorable look.

22. Custom Accent Tile Frame

bathroom mirror custom accent tile frame

Source: Create With Mom

Personalize your frameless mirror with a custom accent tile look. Count up how many tiles you want, then cut to add around the perimeter with glue. This stunning design is a fun DIY bathroom mirror ideas project to take on with your family.

23. Gorgeous Shelf Remodel

bathroom mirror gorgeous shelf remodel

Source: Batchelors Way

For an intimate feel, place lovely gifts from family members around three mirrors. The quality of this simple and clean bathroom wall decor is unmatched.

24. Zigzag Mirror

bathroom mirror zigzag mirror

Source: Vicki Ebberts

If a normal frame doesn’t suit your taste, design a distinct zigzag pattern over the glass. Brush the frosted paint over your “M” tape design and hang it on your wall for stunning style.

25. Brushstroke Delight

Become a proud owner of two DIY mirrors that look expensive. Use glue spray along with gold and silver leaf for the perfect craft. You can do this all in one hour. Best of all, all the tools you need are at your local art store.

26. Dramatic Crown Finish

bathroom mirror dramatic crown finish

Source: Sweet Pickins

Transform your mirror with a vintage edge. Craft the crown frame around your mirror for a new, bold look to impress your family and friends.

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25+ Awesome Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Renovating a bathroom from scratch can be a daunting task. There is a lot to consider: how to make best use of the space; what kinds of fixtures and fittings to choose; whether or not to add a bath and a shower; getting the right lighting and mirror combinations; making sure there’s enough practical storage for lotions, potions and towels… and so on.

So it’s easy to see how thinking about bathroom flooring ideas could be overlooked.

1. L’On Residence

lSource: www.melissalenox.com

This light wooden floor is the perfect complement to the light and airy bathroom design.

2. London

londonSource: www.godrichinteriors.com

Distressed and weathered wooden floors work great in this family-friendly space.

3. Victorian

victorianSource: www.madaboutthehouse.com

Painted hardwood flooring here adds to the eclectic mix of modern and classic décor.

4. Carpenteria

carpinteriaSource: www.nmaarchitects.com

A beautifully set dark wood floor, with matching vanities, adds extra luxury to this amazing bathroom.

5. Trees on the Roof

trees on the roofSource: www.meditchmurphey.com

Wooden decking slats with underfloor drainage are a clever choice of flooring for a wet room/ shower room.

6. Grove House

grove houseSource: caveinteriors.com

Elegance personified with this lightly veined marble floor tile and delicate classical chrome fittings.

7. Mount Larson

mount larsonwww.mattgarciadesign.com

Bolder, darker veined marble is a gorgeous complement to the modern bath, sinks and vanity units here.

8. Kaimupulehu

kaimupulehuSource: www.willmaninteriors.com

Quartzite tiles, derived from sandstone, in warm tans help create this ultra-relaxing indoor/ outdoor bathroom.

9. Flagstones

flagstonesSource: www.beccysmartphotography.co.uk

The flagstone tiles here – which echo ones you might find on a patio – add to the delightful quirky mix of modern and retro furnishings.

10. Lum Rustic

lum rusticSource: johnlumarchitecture.com

Dark gray slate tiling is the perfect match for this urban, industrial, utilitarian bathroom floor.

11. Putney

putneySource: www.amorybrown.co.uk

Charming pebble mosaic covers both the floor and the walls in this comfortable bathroom.

12. Boise

boiseSource: hm.la

Rectangular brick style mosaic tiles here are also reflected in the wood paneling on the wall and vanity.

13. Small Powder Room

small powder roomSource: www.marshandclark.com

This gorgeous custom-made mosaic matches the stained glass window to create lovely detail in this small but perfect powder room.

14. Queen’s Park

queens parkSource: www.swad.com.au

A dramatically effective bold geometric monochrome mosaic tile pattern.

15. Hexagon Mosaic

hexagon mosaicSource: heathergarrettdesign.com

The hexagon mosaic tiles here are perfectly suited to this quirky bathroom style.

16. Hoxton

hoxtonSource: www.cassidyhughes.com

Brilliant contemporary bathroom meets traditional patchwork encaustic tiles – love it!

17. Bedford

bedfordSource: eticastudio.com.au

Here reclaimed encaustic tiles are paired with distressed furnishings and claw foot bath for a relaxed, comfortable feel.

18. Vaucluse

vaucluseSource: www.dkinteriors.com.au

A beautiful classic floral geometric pattern is the perfect backdrop to this sleek white bathroom.

19. Modern Moroccan

modern moroccanSource: www.granadatile.com

A stunning Moroccan inspired encaustic tile design used to great effect here on the walls and floors.

20. Bluff House

bluff houseSource: auhaus-arch.com

A very slick monochrome, modern encaustic tile pattern provides focus in this minimalist bathroom.

21. Cook

cookSource: mdarch.net

A highly polished cement floor is a glossy background for this simple bathroom.

22. Garden House

garden houseSource: www.balanceassociates.com

Lovely mottled stained effect on this cement floor gives added interest.

23. Lotus on Orange

lotus on orangeSource: www.leaderdesignstudio.com

This large expanse of gray cement floor is softened with exotic plants and floating light wood vanity units.

24. Matt cement

matt cementSource: feixandmerlin.com

This matt gray concrete floor somehow cleverly ties together the different elements of this retro/ modern/ urban space.

25. Chavetta

chavettaSource: www.aaaarch.com

Not for the faint of heart, the concrete floor of this wet room/ bathroom has been painted a super bold red along with the walls for a truly unique look.

26. Sandy Down

sandy downSource: www.padstudio.co.uk

This marmoleum floor offers the poured concrete look but with much more comfort and warmth.

27. McCall

mccallSource: emilymccall.com

Glossy black rubber floor is an excellent choice for a family bathroom that gets lots of traffic and lots of splashing!

28. Olympus

olympusSource: www.carpetright.co.uk

This mottled mosaic patterned vinyl floor is both pretty on the eye and pretty practical too.

29. Port Locksleigh

port locksleighSource: www.brandonarchitects.com

The stunningly simple, yet effective circular pattern on this vinyl floor is the prefect march to the circular accents in the room.

30. Mount View

mount view

Source: www.martinscamisuli.co.uk

This brilliantly powder room has tons of character, highlighted by the brilliant checkerboard linoleum floor!

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Shower Design Ideas That Can Put Your Bathroom Over The Top

Walk-in showers are elegant and functional for any bathroom. Whether you also have a bathtub or just this area, your décor will be functional and chic. It will also give your bathroom a modern appeal and it will give you the possibility to efficiently use the space you have available. Get creative or find some inspiration somewhere else. We have selected five designs to get you started.

1. Glass-enclosed shower.

Achieve a spa feeling look
Use glass in combination with light colors to create a bright and open design
Save space with a corner shower and use glass for a less invasive look
Glass-enclosed en-suite showers eliminate the barriers between the spaces
Use glass for the shower walls to let light filter through and to create an airy look
If you want to create a seamless transition between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom, transparent glass is the perfect materials to help you with that. In this example the shower is encased in floor-to-ceiling glass panels. Inside there’s a bench and small, practical shelves mounted on the wall. The oversized showerhead is an interesting statement element.

2. Light-filled shower.

Consider including a window in the shower to allow light inside
Attic walk in shower featuring natural light
A window in the bathroom, regardless of its dimensions, can make a huge difference. It’s an especially beautiful addition in the shower. The sensation that you get when you see and feel the light embrace you is unique. Of course, a skylight would be even better. The shower will be bathed in natural light and will have an almost divine look. The decorations you choose for this space can also make a big difference.

3. Shower and steam room in one space.

Make sure you include a bench or two for maximum comfort
Having the tub in the shower is an interesting idea that works great in this case
Modern steam shower with glass walls and a built-in bench
Same space for both!
A designer shower enclosures walk-in and a steam generator can be combined to create your very own steam room. It’s a simple way of making your own spa. The amenities are critical is this case. It would be wise to include a small window that can be opened when you use the shower alone to let the air circulate. You’ll be able to use this space both as a regular shower and a steam room and you can enjoy relaxing moments right there in your own home.

4. Small shower unit.

Small walk in shower featuring subway tiles
Walk-in showers are a great alternative to bathtubs in small bathrooms
If you have a small bathroom you can still have the walk-in shower you wanted without sacrificing too much space. It would simply be a smaller version of the ones presented previously. To avoid making the bathroom feel cramped you can opt for simple lines and materials such as glass that would ensure a seamless transition. In this case, the frameless shower door was a clever choice.

5. Private spa.

To create a spa-like feel in your bathroom you have to use the right materials and textures
Consider having a wooden shower floor and adding a chandelier for style
Mosaic tiles!

Modern trend – round shower.

Make the shower the focal point of the décor and let it stand out on its own
Perhaps one of the most important elements to take into consideration, the shape of the walk-in shower can be the detail that defines your whole design. Round showers tend to look more glamorous, especially if they’re encased in glass. However, a round shower is not ideal for small bathrooms.


An eclectic shower brings nature inside and takes advantage of its organic beauty
Perhaps you’d like to feel closer to nature when you’re taking a shower, in which case you should consider using materials like stone and wood. Try a combination of materials and make sure you use the contrasts to your advantage, to create a unique design. You could have stone or river stones on the floor and use wood as a decorative feature.


By eliminating the dividing walls, the bathrooms becomes more cohesive and harmonious
Maybe you’re used with showers being encased in glass or having curtains and dividing walls to separate them from the rest of the bathrooms. Although that’s the case in most homes, such features are not strictly necessary. You can also have an open shower and this will make the room feel more spacious.

Indoor-outdoor combo.

You should include similarities between the two showers, like these flowers for example
Consider placing the indoor and outdoor showers side by side. Allow them to communicate with each other through glass walls and create a connection between them. This way light get in and illuminates the indoor shower area and the outdoor one feels less out of place and more comfortable.

Luxury shower.

The shower floor looks like it’s covered with pennies and similar accents are used on the walls
It’s hard to say what makes a shower look luxurious. It’s a combination between the materials used, the finishes, the colors and the overall ambiance. A luxury walk-in shower has no visual defects. Everything it perfectly aligned and there’s always one element that puts it over the top.

Benefits of Walk-in showers

It’s not just the stylish design that makes walk-in showers so versatile and popular. There are numerous other benefits that they offer. For example:

Walk-in showers are both safer and easier to use. This makes them more user-friendly than tubs or regular showers, especially in the case of kids, elderly people or those with medical issues.

They are wheelchair-accessible, which allows them to stand out as superior compared to tubs or other types of showers.

Apart from being minimalist and elegant, they also offer extra space in the bathroom. Because of their simplicity and straight-forward design, they allow the room to be more airy and bright.

It’s also this simplicity that also makes walk-in showers easier to clean. Because they have fewer parts and areas where grime and dirt can accumulate, they reduce the risk of having mold in the corners or a look that’s not pure.

In addition, fewer parts in general means that there are fewer elements that can break and this makes walk-in shower particularly durable. This is also due to the fact that they are made of durable and think materials designed to make them safe to use.

Walk-in showers also offers versatility in terms of design. They can customized in numerous different ways and outfitted with lots of different features, types of doors, etc.

The general structure and design of a walk-in shower is created so that it traps vapors inside. This means there’s less potential damage which can be caused to the walls, especially if they’re made of wood. Also, mold is less likely to appear.

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35+ Bathroom Tiles Ideas

1. Marble-Look Walls and Mosaic Flooring

Marble-look ceramic tile walls and mosaic flooringMarble-look ceramic tile walls with a large horizontal running bond pattern and coordinating mosaic grid flooring give this bathroom an elegant look. Using the same flooring throughout the entire bathroom visually amplifies the space.

2. Make Mine a Combo

Ceramic tile feature wallWhen you have a tub and shower combination, you may have the opportunity to create a feature wall with decorative tile. We love the color consistency of this decor, especially with the unique tile flooring pattern! For tubs that are not freestanding, consider a tub surround with your ceramic tile choice.

3. Rustic Rectangles

Rustic rectangular tileThis unadorned, urban vibe is accentuated by large rectangular panels and a curbless shower.

4. Sleek Subway Tile

Sleek subway ceramic tile shower wallWhite subway tile provides a classic feature backdrop that contrasts well with the slate gray flooring (notice that the grout in the subway tile picks up the color of the floor tile).

5. Diamond Rug Accent

Diamond rug ceramic tile accent on a shower wallThis lighter diamond rug accent pattern of tile on the shower wall pops against the darker natural stone-effect tile. The lighter grout accentuates the tile on the floors and walls and compliments the feature area.

6. Modern Octagon and Dot

Octagon and dot ceramic tile shower wallThe varying yellow tones of these octagon and dot shower walls make for a bold contrast with the black grid flooring, creating a striking look.

7. Subtle Accents

Ceramic shower tile with a floral patternSubtle floral patterns accent the earth tones of this shower for a clean, comforting environment. While the shower walls feature a rectangular grid, the flooring uses a mosaic for added slip resistance.

8. Not Your Average Black and White

Modern farmhouse bathroom with ceramic tileThis modern farmhouse bathroom is a mastery of complements and contrasts: rustic white brick walls against charcoal mosaic shower floor tiles surrounded by a feature floor of unique patterns that bring together all the color elements in this bathroom.

9. Better Where It’s Wetter

Mosaic ceramic tile window border in a showerThe blues, yellows, and greens in this mosaic window border add an under-the-sea sensation to this shower’s earthy, variegated subway tile walls and iridescent navy tiled ceiling.

10. Aqua Agua

Vertical aqua subway tile provides an invigorating pop against the white on white subway and the stone-look mosaic tiles completing this look. A curbless shower allows the flooring to flow in and out of the shower (but the water stays IN)!

Vertical aqua subway tile

11. Keep It in the Family

Stone-look ceramic tile in a bathroomThis bathroom uses different sizes and shapes of natural stone-look tile but keeps it in the same tile family of coordinating options.

12. Functional Grid

Functional grid ceramic tile in a showerThis dark gray mosaic accent stripe and three-dimensional white wall tile forms a simple grid design that’s fun and functional. Note: The shower floor reuses the same mosaic but with a matte finish and dark grout.

13. Uncommonly Good

Marble-look ceramic tile shower wallThe accent wall in this shower combines the look of marble with an uncommon shape. The result is a shower that’s simultaneously classic and modern.

14. What’s Old Is New Again

Octagon and dot ceramic bath tileUsing a marble-look for this elongated octagon and dot pattern adds a modern twist to a style made popular in the Victorian era.

15. Stone Grids

Bathroom stone-look ceramic tileThe different sizes and shapes of these stone-look tiles build a clean, consistent look both inside and outside of the shower.

16. Warm Wood-Look Tile

Wood-look ceramic shower tileYou might not think to put wood on your shower walls, but this bathroom pulls it off effortlessly without worrying about water-damaged wood because it’s actually wood-look ceramic tile.

17. Size and Color Contrast

Contrasting ceramic shower tileThis is a lovely example of juxtaposing colorful mosaic tile as a feature wall and backsplash with large, natural stone-look tile panels. Combining color, texture, and size contribute to the dramatic focus of the feature areas.

18. Shades of Gray

Gray marble-look ceramic shower tileShades of gray marble-look ceramic tile in rectangles and hexagons define vertical and horizontal surfaces to create a serene and clean master bath getaway.

19. Move Over, Subway Tile

Ceramic subway tile horizontal accent stripe in a showerThis shower’s dramatic stone effect uses a horizontal accent stripe of pearled subway tile paired with large rectangular grid walls and mosaic flooring.

20. Ultra Modern Geometric Design

Modern geometric ceramic shower tileStone-look square tile flooring supports the ultra modern geometric design of these herringbone-striped walls. The lines of dark grout in the white rectangular floating accent wall bridge the bathing areas and become a focal point of the room.

21. Greige Is the New …

Greige ceramic shower tile“Greige” is the new beige and the new grey — the new neutral everyone is clamoring for! The movement of grain in the floor and shower walls are anchored by perpendicular white mosaic subway tile in this shower floor for a look of modern rustic charm, as well as cleanliness and an air of efficiency.

22. Unleashed Luxury

Black ceramic tile shower wallGlossy black mosaic tile walls and long planks of dark wood-look tile flooring give this shower a spa feel that could easily be implemented in a smaller space (sans the sunken tub). Note the subtly textured floor tile that has the look of linen.

23. Natural Colors and Natural Light

Mosaic ceramic tile shower wall with a windowA doorless shower deserves a window to the world! The artfully laid mosaics of this space combine natural colors and reflect the natural light for a space with a fresh and energizing aura.

24. Elongating and Luxurious Accents

Running bond mosaic ceramic tile accents in a showerAs they are both vertically placed, the large rectangular grid tile walls and running bond mosaic accents visually elongate this shower. The pattern created by the different colors in the mosaic adds a unique touch that picks up the curved bench and floor mosaics. Remember that tile can be installed on your ceiling (as shown here) to provide another decor element.

25. Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Marble-look ceramic bathroom tile in a diamond gridThe marble-look squares laid in a diamond grid lead you to the shower laid in large-format tile panels for an elegant and open feel in a relatively small space.

26. Play With Your Grout!

Ceramic shower tile in a chevron patternImage via Flickr

This shower’s dark grout and white subway tile in a herringbone pattern make for a unique design using an economical tile choice. Smaller tiles add additional traction to the flooring and a coordinating accent to the niche. Explore more niche ideasand ideas for colored grout!

27. You Won’t Be Blue

Blue ceramic shower tile with accentsImage via Flickr

Shades of blue won’t make you blue with this cheerful combination of subway tile with an accent horizontal stripe and pencil trim detail. Psst, we think blue tile might be the next big trend!

28. Accents That Pop

Pixelated mosaic shower tile wallsImage via Flickr

The wide white grout surrounding these square accents stands out against the pixelated design of the mosaic tile shower walls.

29. Modern Mexican Tile

Modern Mexican ceramic tile shower floorImage via Flickr

The designs on this shower’s grid flooring add a twist to traditional Mexican tile by using more subdued colors. Hexagon mosaic walls with charcoal grout complete the fun look.

30. Textured Accent Wall

Textured ceramic tile shower wallPhoto via Pixabay

This curbless shower pulls off a minimalist pattern and color scheme by including a highly textured accent wall.

31. Stone Age

Stone-look ceramic shower tile with mosaic accentsPhoto via Pixabay

This shower’s patterns are anything but stuck in the stone age. Contemporary stone-look square tile is laid in an off-center grid accented by a diamond banner with running bond mosaic borders. Learn more about grid patterns by downloading this freetile schematic template.

32. Marble Chevron Mosaic

Marble chevron mosaic ceramic tile shower wallThe soft color changes in this shower’s marble chevron mosaic wall add a softening touch to the rest of the shower’s clean-cut lines (and we love the black pencil trim on the niche).

33. Crosshatch Wood-Look Tile

Crosshatch wood-look ceramic shower tileSurprise! Wood-look tile in the shower! The crosshatch mosaic wall design creates a unique twist by making the walls the feature tile instead of the shower floor.

34. Row After Row

Mosaic ceramic tile accent rows on a shower wallPhoto via Pixabay

Bold rows of mosaic rectangles in the stone-effect tile pick up the dark cabinet tones, as well as the darker wood-look ceramic tile flooring.

35. Mixing It Up, Naturally

Natural stone-effect ceramic shower tileNatural stone-effect tile in your shower and bath area is already a modern trend, but this beautiful bathroom takes it one step further by using various sizes of rectangles in an off-center pattern. Mosaic tile in the shower flooring and shelf area accents this clean design and the running bond grid flooring pattern directs your eye toward this unique combination.

36. Zero to Sixty

Chrome-effect mosaic ceramic tile bathroom wallsThis high-glam chrome-effect wall mosaic tile that extends from the vanity to the shower is definitely an escape from the rat race.

37. Go Big or Go Home

Porcelain-look ceramic tile shower wallsThese large gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs create a dominant elegance. Add wood-effect tile planks and custom printed wall ceramic tile panels and you have a look that rivals your majestic view.

38. True Blue

Blue mosaic ceramic tile shower wallsSurround yourself with shades of blue mosaic ceramic tile for a truly refreshing shower experience.

39. Artistry and Craftsmanship

Ceramic tile feature wall in a showerCeramic tile’s versatility helps you reflect your personal design style. The craftsmanship of ceramic tile on this feature wall creates a focal point of beauty — a work of art in your shower!

40. Nothing to Hide

Dimensional ceramic shower tile wall

Shower doors are another decor element to consider — doorless, frameless, and how about this unique partially frosted option! What a beautiful way to add privacy and still display the gorgeous dimensional shower wall tile. (Don’t overlook the mirrored niche!)

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